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Crash Avenue Comp Series: Aqua Buddha Drunkard

by Crash Avenue

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We at Crash Avenue listen to a lot of music, and we've been trying to share it with everyone. Sure, during the day we try to share music with the writers and media we work with, but now it's time to share some of our absolutely favorite tracks with absolutely everyone through the fifth issue of our monthly compilation! Each compilation will not only feature songs from the artists we work with, but exclusive tracks from some of our friends and favorite artists, as well as bands that we're just really digging right now. And each comp will feature a bad pun on an influential media outlet because, well, we're immature, but it's benevolent and with love. A notable exclusive first-listen in this month's compilation is Vandaveer's cover of the Everly Brothers classic, 'All I Have to do is Dream'.

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released November 2, 2010

Quiet Lights - Brooklyn - fragile, wintery dream pop elixir

Young Circles - Miami - skewed dance aesthetics from the worst coast

Meta Gruau - Montreal - gritty luminescent carnie punk

Lohio - Pittsburgh - orante indie chamber pop, totally slay bells

K Tranza - Louisville - Nikki Sudden never passed, he just transformed into these dudes

Lady Lazarus - Savannah - spooky torch ballads from the other side for that ass, light a candle

Vandaveer - Washington DC - World's finest crooner offers an exquisite Everly Brothers cover [EXCLUSIVE]

Fake Babies - New Haven - highway to the banger zone

Andromakers - Montpellier - electro pop from our sister city (fun fact!)

Batwings Catwings - Los Angeles - call + response rock + roll



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