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Crash Avenue Comp Series: Brooklyn Freegan

by Crash Avenue

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We at Crash Avenue listen to a lot of music, and we've been trying to share it with everyone. Sure, during the day we try to share music with the writers and media we work with, but now it's time to share some of our absolutely favorite tracks with absolutely everyone through the second issue of our monthly compilation! Each compilation will not only feature songs from the artists we work with, but exclusive tracks from some of our friends and favorite artists, as well as bands that we're just really digging right now. And each comp will feature a bad pun on an influential media outlet because, well, we're immature, but it's benevolent and with love. A couple of notable exclusive first-listens in this month's compilation include We Are Hex's VU Bounce and the recently released Peaches Fuck the Pain Away cover by Chico Fellini.

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released September 7, 2010

We Are Hex - Evil decibel shredders in the no wuss zone - Indianapolis
Swim Team - 16 bit grooves for ghost riding the Martian whip - Chicagoland
Chico Fellini - Peaches is one nasty ho - Lexington, KY
Whitesands/Badlands - Slow burning gospel psych feels good - Minneapolis
Troy Von Balthazar - Broken folk picking up where Mark Linkous left off - LA
The Vacant Lots - Paging Dr. Spaceman - Burlington, VT
unouomedude - puremoodsforthesettingsun - Jacksonville
Richard Ringer - the sound God makes when he kills Republicans - Brooklyn
Alana Stewart - Sparse pop meditations for the new decade - New York City
Cheyenne Marie Mize with Bonnie Prince Billy - 19th century parlor songs for Oldham's 19th century beard - A Time Machine
Meridian Signals - Crash Avenue staffer... once described as "screengazing" - Louisville



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