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Crash Avenue Comp Series: Muzzle of Deez

by Crash Avenue

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We at Crash Avenue listen to a lot of music, and we've been trying to share it with everyone. Sure, during the day we try to share music with the writers and media we work with, but now it's time to share some of our absolutely favorite tracks with absolutely everyone through the second issue of our monthly compilation! Each compilation will not only feature songs from the artists we work with, but exclusive tracks from some of our friends and favorite artists, as well as bands that we're just really digging right now. And each comp will feature a bad pun on an influential media outlet because, well, we're immature, but it's benevolent and with love. A notable exclusive first-listen in this month's compilation is Sad Brad Smith's Broken Heart (I Made My Baby So Sad).

Interested in submitting a song for an upcoming compilation?
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released October 5, 2010

Anni Rossi (Brooklyn) - "Candyland"
Anni is our friend and we like her. Plays a mean viola, and sometimes other instruments. Recently moved to Brooklyn from Chicago and is getting ready to drop a new album. Eyes peeled, gentlemen.

New Mexico (San Diego) - "Abused and Amused"
San Diego, not New Mexico. Beanheads? Great jam regardless of geography/cartography/beanograpy.

Sunshine Factory (Mobile, AL)
Between bands like these guys, FLIGHT, and Deerhunter, the South is gonna rise again, but not in the crazy rebel flag bullshit way.

Research Material (Los Angeles) - "All Year Round"
Delightful-ass indie pop

Squinch Owl (Nyack, NY) - "I Am Always Coming Home"
Her banjo is often covered in blood. What were you saying about Death Cab "rocking" again?

Sad Brad Smith (Chicago) - "Broken Heart (I Made My Baby So Sad"
Might have heard him at the end of Up In The Air. You'll hear a lot more from him soon, believe. EXCLUSIVE!

Calm Palm Vapor (Chicago) -
Space is the place, as Stephen Hawking said, but the jury's still out on the band's thoughts on God (no Dishwalla).

Big Surr (Nashville) - "Alright"
Yes surr, Big Surr beach fuzz peach fuzz, ready for climate change and Tennessee waterfront property

Swayback (Denver) - "Die Finks"
Ferocious live band, crushes dressing rooms and absinthe(s)

My Dumb Cousin Keenan (Chicago) - "Gladiator"
Hope they're not talking about Keenan & Kel because their shit's hilarious. Welcome to Good Burger. There is a good burger in Chicago, and it's called Kuma's. All food named after metal bands, but MDCK will get their burger there someday.



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