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Crash Avenue Comp Series: My World 9​.​2

by Crash Avenue

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Folks... it's a new month, meaning it's time for another installment of the Crash Avenue Comp Series. As usual, we compile a collection of songs we've discovered from lesser known and DIY artists, as well as stuff from our friends and favorite established artists, and package it all together in a digital compilation free to download. And of course… the crowd pleaser, the compilation artwork that lampoons some of our favorite blogs and media outlets.

In celebration of Justin Beiber's birthday today (happy 17th, bro! swag!), it was only fitting that we present to you Ryan Schreiber: My World 9.2. In our limited discussions with the founder of Pitchfork, he always seemed like a pretty deece dude with a good sense of humor… one who wouldn't mind getting his hair Beiberized because his last name rhymed. So… we did just that.


released March 1, 2011

Shit Horse - Raleigh - SHIT HORSE RIDES!

The Hit Back - Chicago - diverse electro folk too intense for the coffeeshop, dig?

Eins Zwei Orchestra - Amsterdam - epic orchestra pop to summon in spring like a non-rain dance

Big Wave Riders - Finland - Arena ready surf, if Gerry Rafferty were alive and dropping the brown acid, you'd have a supergroup

Lotus Feet - Nowhere - This is not a reference to the Thom Yorke dance, though I'm confident he would appropriately boogie to this noir pop as well

Stripmall Architecture - San Francisco - UNKLE collaborators with an intense concept… don't sleep on these guys

LoOmis - New Orleans - hazewave

M∆DE::IN::HEIGHTS - New York - Bob Boilen will finally dig Sleigh Bells

Eat Your Birthday Cake - Philadelphia - This is some delicious cake! You should eat it!

Cameron McGill and What Army - Chicago - new anthem from a member of Margot and the Nuclear So & So's.... courtesy of our new Nashville office



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