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Crash Avenue Comp Series: Tympanospam

by Crash Avenue

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We at Crash Avenue listen to a lot of music, and we've been trying to share it with everyone. Sure, during the day we try to share music with the writers and media we work with, but now it's time to share some of our absolutely favorite tracks with absolutely everyone through the tenth issue of our monthly compilation! Each compilation will not only feature songs from the artists we work with, but exclusive tracks from some of our friends and favorite artists, as well as bands that we're just really digging right now. And each comp will feature a bad pun on an influential media outlet because, well, we're immature, but it's benevolent and with love.

This month's art is riddled with meta-jokes and commentary we think you'll appreciate. Here's a larger version so you can make out all the text - www.crash-avenue.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/tympanospam_final.jpg

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released May 10, 2011

Wyla - Asheville, NC - super dark, thick grooves, why doesn't more indie rock roll like this?

Moondad - Leicester, UK - nasty Big Muff plus Holy Grail always a crowd pleasing recipe

Geronimo! - Chicago - riding the proto-metal sunshine stoner wave out to the Jovian giants

Jenn Mireau - Montreal - it's hot, let "Hush" cool yr. ass down

Hang Glider - Los Angeles - polyrhythmic summer afternoons… legit hypnagogic pop

Manganese Madness - New York City - a non-fat version of the Pixies, classic alternative done right

Tiger Choir- Hobart, Tasmania - woozy, wobbly pop… no devil jokes

SPOD - New South Wales - Dan Decon has competition

The Earth Program - Chicago - Outrageous Cherry fans, take note… psych rock got happy again

Leaving - Baton Rogue, LA - picking up the sludge off the garage floor, putting it through Twin Reverbs

Moonbell - San Francisco, CA - okay, so second 'moon' band on this comp… but don't think this is a 'wolf' or 'crystal' or 'beach' thing. Great minds think alike, okay? Killer dream pop



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